Sunday, April 21, 2019

Ginger jeans 4.0

Ginger jeans by @closetcasepatterns is a great fitting jeans pattern. I loved my 3.0 so much I knew I needed another. This pair is a light colored blue denim that reminds me of the 70's. My daughter picked up about 5 yards at goodwill.

I wanted to mimic a pair of high rise Levi's. I embroidered Handmade on a scrap of leather for the back waistband. My Janome makes this sew easy! I altered  the back pieces to be 1" taller and the back yoke 1" shorter. I lowered the pockets about 1".  I made the front interior pockets like Levi's and not extended all the way to center front. I am pretty happy with my result. Sewing truly is a super power.

I mimicked Levi's pocket tab, but in green.

My waistband lining and front pockets is from scraps of a vintage sheet 

I have begun embroidering the pattern and date in my jeans. Love this little touch. 

I split the side seam allowance about 10" above the hem so that it was ironed open. This makes for a cute roll up with my red serger thread.

My Janome 9450QCP has a 1 step buttonhole. You place your button in the back of the buttonhole attachment and it automatically makes your buttonhole the right size! 

I used Heather's buttonfly tutorial. It is a great tutorial. Easy to follow. 


                                                          I love my newest Gingers!


  1. There's a lot to love about these jeans! Great work.

    1. Thank you Katherine! I have been wearing them non stop.