Sunday, January 13, 2019

Ginger 3.0

This is my Third pair of #Gingerjeans by @closetcasepatterns. This time in a 10 oz non stretch black denim from @Califabrics.

Heather's patterns are well drafted and her blog is full of tutorials for any questions you might have. This is the first time I have followed her zipper tutorial, I decided to try it as her button-fly tutorial is a keeper.

I loved the first pair I made in November, they were a 10 oz bull denim. Fit was great.
I put them on last week and ripped the butt. I almost cried. Either they shrank or I grew since before the holidays! I will be mending them, and they WILL fit again!

My second pair were cords. I love these AND they still fit.

My third pair are the charm. I love them. I traced the high rise combined with the stovepipe leg like my first pair. I added extra at the side seams to compensate for my non stretch fabric and for ease in fitting.

I hemmed then at 33 3/4" inseam. A tad long but room for shrinking.

  I embroidered a label.

 I tried topstitching with my CoverPro. Was hit or miss and messy on the inside. So the majority of topstitching I did on my Pfaff which is also my construction machine. Which means a lot of thread changes!

I raised the back pockets by 1/2" but they still look a tad low to me. 

I also embroidered a leather tag for the back. love those elephants! 

So if you haven't tried the Ginger jeans yet, I highly recommend! 

Stay Happy
Keep Sewing
and if you can't sew
Read a good book! 

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