Monday, January 21, 2013

Vogue 8774, ready, set, muslin!

I have been wanting to make a pair of 'almost' skinny jeans for a while, more like straight jeans that make me feel skinny.  Not sure that is attainable.  (-:  View A really appeals to me and that is the look I am going for.  I did not want to cut into my corduroy until I was sure of the fit, so I actually made a muslin.  I have never made a pants muslin, unless you consider making a pair of pants, then deciding they are hideous and then using that expericence to change how you make them the next time, then, yes, I have made pants muslins.  A few of them.  I more consider a muslin to be an intentional practice that you NEVER planned on wearing.  All of this is to prepare you for my muslin material.  It is... UGLY. 


View A, the full body shot, is my goal.  I cut a straight 16.  Per the sizing on the pattern, I should cut an 18/20, but when I compared it to my RTW, 16 looked like a good fit.   I altered the pattern to have a fly extension, as I find this easier.
I deepened and extended the front pockets to reach the center front, to act as support.  The original pattern has full on fashion fabric for all layers of the front pockets.  I altered the pocket, facing, lining to be more like RTW.  Less bulk. 

I added 5" to the length, after comparing them to a RTW pair I like.  I did not insert a zip, because, well, I didn't wanna.    Here it is, the hiderocious muslin.  It is a quilting cotton, it was a 12' round tablecloth I inherited from someone who knew I liked to sew.  Funny the things people will give you.  Hard to tell if I like the fit at all, I get lost in the fabric.

There was excess fabric above the yoke in back just below the waistband. This made the butt sag down.  I will alter the actual pattern to remove 1/2" off of the yoke, starting at center back and tapering to nothing at side seams.  There does not appear to be a camel toe issue nor a butt wedie.  I was surprised, as I did not alter the crotch curve at all.  And most importantly, no discomfort while sitting.   Looking at these photos, I think I am too thick in the middle to have such small leg circumference at the hem.   Hard to tell.  I see these straight leg pants on other women of all different thicknesses, and I think they look good.  So I am going with it.  I reserve the right to change my mind and widen them a tad though if I choose.  The fun of sewing for yourself!! 
Next up...... cutting out the chocolate corduroy!!! 
Keep Sewing
Stay Happy

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  1. Darn these look good. I keep avoiding the jeans making trend since it seems to involve multiple muslins but I think your need just that minor tweak to be perfect. Since I think we're about the same size, maybe I should just commission you:-)