Friday, January 11, 2013

Buttons, buttons, whose got the buttons.....

I do!!!   Now if I could only chose.....
I have taped 3 sets of buttons on the jacket front..... Which ones to use???
Light wooden?
Dark wooden ?

Dark leather?

I am leaning towards the middle one, the dark wooden......what do you think?
Keep Sewing
Stay Happy


  1. Your jacket is absolutely beautiful. Better than ready to wear. Your skills are awesome. I vote for the first one - the wooden squares. To me they don't stick out and overwhelm the colours in the jacket but look like they belong. IMHO.

  2. Now I have had a second (and third look I am leaning toward the second one)... oh decisions - I don't envy you the decision (but do your skills)

  3. I also tend to favour the 1st ones, followed by the 2nd. But only in real life will you be able to decide, based on 'real' colour and weight of the buttons. And also envy your sewing skills.

  4. I like the classic leather buttons, but they do stand out. The first ones blend in the best colorwise.