Sunday, January 13, 2019

Ginger 3.0

This is my Third pair of #Gingerjeans by @closetcasepatterns. This time in a 10 oz non stretch black denim from @Califabrics.

Heather's patterns are well drafted and her blog is full of tutorials for any questions you might have. This is the first time I have followed her zipper tutorial, I decided to try it as her button-fly tutorial is a keeper.

I loved the first pair I made in November, they were a 10 oz bull denim. Fit was great.
I put them on last week and ripped the butt. I almost cried. Either they shrank or I grew since before the holidays! I will be mending them, and they WILL fit again!

My second pair were cords. I love these AND they still fit.

My third pair are the charm. I love them. I traced the high rise combined with the stovepipe leg like my first pair. I added extra at the side seams to compensate for my non stretch fabric and for ease in fitting.

I hemmed then at 33 3/4" inseam. A tad long but room for shrinking.

  I embroidered a label.

 I tried topstitching with my CoverPro. Was hit or miss and messy on the inside. So the majority of topstitching I did on my Pfaff which is also my construction machine. Which means a lot of thread changes!

I raised the back pockets by 1/2" but they still look a tad low to me. 

I also embroidered a leather tag for the back. love those elephants! 

So if you haven't tried the Ginger jeans yet, I highly recommend! 

Stay Happy
Keep Sewing
and if you can't sew
Read a good book! 

Friday, January 11, 2019

Strathcona sweater

I am not the best knitter, but I really like it. Some things come out better than others and I don't always know why. This sweater came out better than I had hoped. It is the Strathcona sweater by Tara-Lynn Morrison of Good Night Day. She creates simple minimalist patterns. I bought this one through Ravelry. I fell in love with this one at first sight. It is knit in bulky yarn, so it knits up fast. I started it last weekend and finished it today. The hardest part was learning a tubular cast on that I just had to try. Took me many tries and quite a few You Tube videos. Worn here with my newest Landers.

Stay Happy
Keep Sewing
And if you can't sew 

Thursday, January 10, 2019

New Year, New Landers

New Year brings about a time for thoughtful change. I want to lend this change to my sewing. I began a journal with this years new sewing. I want to be present and thoughtful in my sewing. Not in a hurry to get done, without thoroughly being present and enjoying the whole process. It will also provide a documented history of each make, which hopefully will be valuable for future makes. 

I am sure my journaling will change as I move through this process. I am looking forward to that as well.
My first make this year is a pair of Landers. @truebias I believe this will be my third. I have a cropped black denim, a skinny leg denim and this pair is a bull denim from Cali Fabrics. 


I first thought that this would be a longer cropped version. So I added 1 1/4" to the length to play with  
  while cutting them out.
I love a button fly. I used Heather Lou's tutorial (closet Case Patterns).


When attaching the buttons, I like to ensure there 
will be enough slack for easy buttoning. To do this I 
place an old needle vertically under the button and 
leave it there will attaching the button. I use a 
horizontal pin to mark the placement I need. I used 

rolled up scotch tape to hold the button  in place so 
that I can get it all under my pressed foot. Once 
attached, I thread the 
threads onto a needle and pull them to the back of the fabric and tie them off.

Following the idea from Johanna Lou of the Last 
Stitch - I used my coverstitch machine to make the belt loops. I have a Cover Pro 1000 CP by Janome and don't use it often enough. I had to do a couple 
test runs to get the tension right, but it was a lot easier than I thought it would be.

I machine embroidered Landers 2019 on my waistband facing. The R embroidered on top of the E but I am Good with that. Lol.

Once I tried on my pants, I decided I liked the exact length they were, which meant I had no fabric for a hem! So I added 2 1/2" to each leg to use as the 

They ended up the perfect length. So in all, these are 7 3/4" longer than the original pattern. I really like the look of the long fuller leg.

So first make of the new year is complete. I 
thoroughly enjoyed the whole process and I believe that these are my favorite #landerpants yet!
Stay Happy
Keep Sewing
And if you can't sew


Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Am I back?

So tired of trying to work with Wordpress that I tried creating a blog from my iPad on blogger and IT WORKED! I have not been able to import the posts that I did create on Wordpress. It acts like it is working, but just never completes. So it looks like I am back!  Just to see if I can still add pics from my iPad....... Yahoo! The first is my grainline archer from last January and my new Landers. And my #grombre hair! Embracing the natural, no more dying! The second is my Strathcona sweater. Loving that knit! Now to update all my links.......



this is a test post from my iPad  

Sunday, March 25, 2018

Tessuti Lois Dress

I have loved the Lois Dress by Tessuti since it first came out. It looks like a romatic vintage dress.  My Dd picked up this fabric at the bins at Goodwill. Not sure what the fabric is, lovely drape, wash and drys without a wrinke. This was to be my test of the pattern but i quite love it. 
Tessuti Lois Dress
I havent hemmed it yet. I Need to let it hang for a bit first.  I found the number of pages to tape a bit daunting, as i could not tell easily which ones i needed.  Had to investigate and decipher to figure it out.  My measurements put me between a 12 and 14.  I traced a 14 and other than taking in side seams 1/4 " from underarm to waist, the rest to be the right size. Once taped together and traced, I used the traced pattern for fitting changes.  I found the bust dart was in the wrong location for me, and the front skirt too wide for my fabric, so i folded out some of the width of the front and added it to the back piece. I also added 2" in length and did a 1/2" swayback adjustment at the center back of bodice and skirt, and moved and shortened the bust dart. 
Folded out some width of front skirt to fit my fabric
Added some width to the back piece to make up for reducing the front
I had to shorten and move dart closer to center front.
I found the side dart back leg was longer than front leg
The difference was obvious once the dart was pinned closed. I redrew the front leg to match the back leg.
Not hemmed yet. Thinking the length is perfect.
Windy day!
Trying not to fall off the runway
So a few alterations needed, but i love it. Next up a blue linen Lois.    Stay happy Keep sewing And if you can't sew Enjoy the view 
Enjoy the view

Sunday, October 29, 2017

Fall wardrobe plan

I finished my second top for my Fall wardrobe plan!  This pattern is a mashup of the True Bias Odgen cami and Butterick 5948. 
Navy crepe and pattern mashup
I don't recall where i purchased the Fabric, might have been It is some type of crepe. Grainy feeling, not too slippery, slightly spongy and doe not press crisply.  Came out of dryer looking exaclty how it did before washing, so BONUS!  
Added a cross back tie
I am loving my sewing plan so far, I have now completed 2 pants and 2 tops. 
Sewing plan progress Stay happy  Keep sewing And if you can't sew Dance with a sweet baby
Dancing with my new granddaughter