Wednesday, May 14, 2014

MMM Day 14. Another NL 6150.

Today was easy.  RTW VS jeans, and a new NL6150 made last night.  A lovely tan and cream striped knit. Another boat-neck this time with short sleeves, I didn't have enough fabric for longer sleeves.  I had to add a band just to make them long enough for a short sleeve! 

I made a hilarious mistake lining this shirt.  I put the lining in backwards and didn't even notice until I got to the final step of inserting the sleeves.  I could see the double notch on the armscye for the back of the shirt, but the lining only had a single notch. DANG IT.  The biggest issue is that the back has a higher neckline than the front, so the lining does not lay smoothly around the neck. I can live with it though.  I really like the shirt.  The knit is so soft and scrumptious.  It is from  
I did side splits at lower hem. 

Stay Happy
Keep Sewing
and if you can't sew
watering your garden is fun.

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  1. Your new top looks good. You are on a roll the last couple of nights with your sewing.