Thursday, May 1, 2014

Me Made May, my first

I have never officially participated in Me Made May, a challenge revived every year by So Zo at\
This year I am.  I have always enjoyed seeing what makes other sewers actually wear each day, and I look forward to learning that lesson about myself.  I think this challenge be a great exercise to find out just what I do, and do NOT wear, of the clothes I make.  Making something fabulous that hangs in my closet, unworn, does not make be feel good about sewing.  I want to make what I can use, and then use it.  As for the daily photo diary..... I don't take the most glamorous shots (ok DH took this, it was the only non blurry one) but at least I can capture what I wear, and perhaps learn, that some things work together and some things don't, like only a picture can show you.
Today's outfit is Vogue top 8451 made in May 2009
 and my TNT trousers, adapted from V8774 made April 2014

I had to look up when I made the top, as in my mind, it was like a year or two ago.  I wear it probably every other month or so.  I was shocked to see that I made it 5 years ago.  It is still in perfect shape, no pilling, no stretching out.  This was definitely a good make.
These are the type of lessons I want to learn.  So that I can repeat my successes, and stop making things that are easy, or popular, and yet that I do not wear. 
I hope that while I learn, you at least are somewhat entertained, if only by my lame attempts at photography!  And, I look forward to seeing what YOU are wearing. 

Stay Happy
Keep Sewing
and if you can't sew
Enjoy doing what you can do!


  1. Agreed on all counts! :)

    I am better about catching myself before I dive into "must have popular thing that everyone is making" territory.

    I plan to use MMM to get out of the habit of wearing the same few things all the time.

  2. I so agree that what we wear is one of the best test for TNT patterns. Hope it's a useful month for you. I enjoy watching the pics and only did the MMM challenge once but it was fun.

  3. I must try doing the MMM. I think it would be a great. Look forward to seeing your outfits :)