Monday, April 28, 2014

Busy weekend, another 8774 and a tote for me!

Sewing clothes that I wear everyday, is my favorite kind of sewing.  It makes me feel successful in my sewing.   This year I have been adding more color to my pants collection.  After a winter of wearing what felt like jeans everyday, I wanted to embrace spring and dress with some color.  I have tweaked the V8774 to be my TNT pants pattern.  I can change the pockets and leave off back pockets for a trouser, or just go with the jeans styling and know they will fit.  Below is one of my faves so far.  This is a stretch denim from JoAnns.  I went with the trouser pockets in front, no pockets in back.  I love them.  Next up, I have been prewashing some robin's egg blue.....

My sister loved the tote bag I made for her birthday.
.... so did I!  So I made one for me. 
Inside out.....lots of interior pockets, even one for my glasses!
Love the lining fabric. 
I envision using the tote, to well tote the stuff I carry daily!  My lunch bag, my knitting bag and my purse.  So when only my purse is needed, I will just pull out the cute little matching purse for carrying into stores.  I had to patchwork the leftovers to make the body, as my scraps were minimal!


What kind of sewing makes you feel successful?
Stay Happy
Keep Sewing
and if you can't sew
Enjoy doing what you can do!


  1. YES! I love the jeans and LOVE the tote!!!

  2. Very successful sewing. Love the finish on your pants and the tote looks very practical.