Sunday, March 24, 2013


Best laid plans, sometimes get trumped, with better ones.  I thought I was going to spend the day sewing, but instead woke up with a bug to reorganize my stash.  I pulled EVERYTHING out.  Two large bags donated, everything else folded and placed neatly back in the closet.  I kept opening the closet doors just to look at it.  I made my husband look at it.  He said nice.  He never saw the BEFORE. LOL.     
Then, I tried to decide what to sew next, and my cell rang. My daughters wanted to have lunch. So instead of sewing, lunch with my girls and grandson. PERFECT.
I decided recently that I needed better lighting and mirrors in my sewing room.  Lights, I have taken care of, clip on spot lights from Home Depot.  For a mirror, I want tri fold full length mirrors. NO ONE carries them.  At least in the small town I live in.  Online they ranged from thousands to hundreds.  I really want a tri fold mirror to aid in fitting, but I will not pay that kind of money.  Then I found a you tube video of making one yourself.  Simple as mounting one full length mirror on the wall and then placing on either side, a full length mirror, attached to the wall by hinges.  Ingenious.  I told my husband and he said, you get the mirrors, I will hang them.  So now, I just need to find 3 mirrors.  Target only had 2 of every mirror they carried!!!  That is ok, I will be patient.  For a bit. 
 Stay Happy
Keep Sewing
and if you can't
enjoy whatever it is you CAN do!


  1. What a cutie!!! Someone was blessed with a good dose of the 'handsome genes' - is he your only Grandchild???
    As for the mirrors I also am in need of some in my sewing room - would save the dash around the house trying on 1/2 finished garments...J

  2. My first and only grandchild so far!!!