Sunday, October 29, 2017

Fall wardrobe plan

I finished my second top for my Fall wardrobe plan!  This pattern is a mashup of the True Bias Odgen cami and Butterick 5948. 
Navy crepe and pattern mashup
I don't recall where i purchased the Fabric, might have been It is some type of crepe. Grainy feeling, not too slippery, slightly spongy and doe not press crisply.  Came out of dryer looking exaclty how it did before washing, so BONUS!  
Added a cross back tie
I am loving my sewing plan so far, I have now completed 2 pants and 2 tops. 
Sewing plan progress Stay happy  Keep sewing And if you can't sew Dance with a sweet baby
Dancing with my new granddaughter


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    1. Thank you Katherine. It follows the back neckline of the Ogden Cami, but I made it deeper.