Saturday, July 8, 2017

McCalls 9313, linen maxi dress

  I bought a beautiful striped linen at  I knew it was destined to become a summer dress. I had picked up this old Easy McCalls pattern at a thrift store for $1. I like the simplicity of it. But, I could tell the shoulders were too wide and the neckline to high, so i altered them closer to a TNT tank of mine  
McCalls 9313, altered shoulders and neckline
The pattern came with bias pattern pieces for finishing neck and arms.  I wanted a cleaner finish so drafted an all in one facing.  It is THE way to get a nice clean neckline.  If you google "all in one facing video" you can find all sorts of videos guiding you through the 'burrito' method of a clean finish.  
Self drafted all in one facing for clean neck and arm finish
The pics below, show how I match stripes.
Align fabric edges. Measure in depth of seam allowance
Hold fabric in place at seamline
Lift top fabric to see if stripes aligned, adjust if needed
Place pin on aligned stripe edge. I did this on both sides of all stripes.
Was a tedious task, but so worth it!
Help! The pattern had no pockets, but I always need pockets, but where to put them? Instagram to the rescue!
I went to Instragram for pocket placement advice! #3 won
You can hardly see the pockets at all! I made the pocket opening along the side vs the top. Had a more natural feel for use. 
I love the results!

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Kiss a cute boy.