Sunday, May 28, 2017

What do you get when you cross an Ogden Cami and a woven T?

  Posting my culottes again because somehow the last post is only on BlogLovin.  I hate that I cant update my blog on my Ipad. I have to do it via Blogpro. I dont care for it. Very un-user friendly.   These are a cross between Vogue 9091 and B6327.  I removed the front pleat and the zip is now front with a cut on fly.  I love the 70's vibe.
Wrap around waistband and clasp closure
Inside front pockets
Love them!
I love the shape and neckline of the Ogden Cami, but it is not really appropriate for my office, unless i wear something to cover my shoulders......which then hides the features I like!  So I altered the front and back to have the armscyce of my TNT woven T, (B5948) and used that sleeve, but kept the Ogden neckline and body shape.   
Front view, also did FBA.   Not sure of the fabric, a challis or georgette? Frays like crazy, slightly grainy feeling and difficult to work with. 
To control the fabric, after cutting, I ensured all pieces were still the same shape as the pattern piece then I starched them all like crazy.  
Sleeve under pattern piece to ensure shape is correct before starching
I lay the facing atop the already starched front/back to ensure it was shaped correctly then starched.
With my terra-cotta culottes
Love the Ogden back neckline
Due to the fraying, i had to do all french seams  also a narrow hem as it was already short     This was my muslin, but was hoping for a wearable muslin. Now to make it in a nice black. Stay Happy Keep Sewing    


  1. Oh this is lovely and what a great idea. I love the fabric. The culottes look really great too.

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you Katherine. I love your peach jeans!

  3. Great work. You have managed to retain the design features you wanted so well. Beautiful top and your culottes look great too.

    1. Thank you Jean, so fun being able to be creative with our sewing!

  4. This top has a BEAUTIFUL shape to it! And your culottes are perfect!