Sunday, January 22, 2017

Back in the saddle again, McCalls 7127

I have procrastinated posting because I was not sure how to start. It had been so long.  So I am just going to dive in with what I have been sewing.   Today I worked on M7127. View B. I made so many sizing changes, that all I used from McCalls really was the design idea.  Where do they get their sizing? Following their sizing based on your measurements is guarantee of failure.  
Bases on my measurements of 40-33-41, I should have cut out size 18.  I compared it to my TNT for knits, and as you can see below, size 18 was crazy huge.  So I traced my TNT on the pattern and used my sizing,  and followed their style lines. I used my TNT knit sleeve pattern.
My TNT traced onto McCalls back
My TNT traced on McCalls front
 My fabric is from JoAnns. It has more stretch than recommended.  It worked out great. Funny thing is I ended up with a shirt I can wear frontwards or backwards!  I serged elastic to the neck and wrap edge, then folded it under and top stitched it in place. This helped to prevent it from stretching out of shape. I really like this top. 
Worn as illustrated on pattern
Worn as illustrated on pattern
Worn as illustrated on pattern
Worn backwards
Worn backwards
Worn backwards
 My hair has really grown back since I finished chemo. It has a mind of it's own though! Parts are curly and parts are straight! I am very thankful to have hair though. I am also very thankful to still be here!  (And to my plastic surgeon for making me boobies. I missed them.)  

Stay Happy

Keep Sewing

And if you can't sew

Be thankful for what you can do  

What a difference a year can make.