Tuesday, May 5, 2015

T shirts...Butterick 5493 / Renfrew morph

You just have to love an easy T shirt pattern.  3 pattern pieces.  I went with view C sort of.  The solid blue. 
I only had one yard of material, so ended up lessening the depth of the collar on the square side for the first version.
The body pattern pieces, I laid over my TNT Renfrew pattern and altered them to match, except I kept the original neckline of the Butterick.
This was 1 yard of fabric from Joann's.  It has wonderful stretch and recovery.  Feels great on.  I love all the colors in it. 
For the binding of the neck and armholes, I just cut bias strips, 1 3/4" wide, and whatever length I needed.  Fold them wrong sides together lengthwise and attach from the outside of the neckline and armholes with a 3/8" seam.  Stretching while attaching.  I did not turn them under.  I like the band showing. 

For my next version, my fabric is from Target.  What, you didn't know you could get fabric at Target?  Shop the clearance rack in the larger sizes. 
This started it's life as an XXL maxi skirt.  I loved the fabric.  Colors were awesome and it is a nice knit, soft with a great drape. All that remains of the skirt is the waistband. 

Pattern matching was not too difficult.

I altered the collar to be a symmetrical shape, lol, looks like a bib!

I think this fabric will get a much more fulfilling life as a t shirt.

On the left below, is another XXL maxi skirt..... not sure what this one will end up being... I am thinking maybe a simple summer dress.... On the right is a 3x Tshirt.  Lots of fabric there... I am thinking maybe a summer cardigan....

Stay Happy
Keep Sewing
and if you can't sew...
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  1. So glad to see you back posting 😄 both your tops are great ! Who know you could find such great fabric on clearance racks .

  2. I had to chuckle at your Target fabric, as I just did the same thing with an item from Kohls. I like both of your tops.

  3. Very pretty tops and I love your fabric resource. Great idea to buy oversized garments on sale to re-purpose the fabric.

  4. Pretty! I picked up some extra large tops from Kohl's to do the same thing.