Friday, May 8, 2015

More T's. Butterick 5493 collar with Renfrew body

Last month I culled my closet.  Huge bags to
 Goodwill.  I made myself let go of things I did not wear.  Even though I made them.  It was hard.  And cathartic.  Now as I wear something, when hanging it back in closet, I turn the hangar backwards.  After a month, it is more obvious the types of clothes I reach for daily, and the ones I have not yet reached for this month.  T shirts.  I wear them a lot.  Under cardigans and jackets.  I can feel casually dressed up and not sloppy.  So, that is why I have been making them lately.  The oldest clothes in my closet that I still reach for years later, are the nice T shirts that I have made. 
So here we are.  More T's.  Tanks actually.  Sleeveless tanks can be worn to work with a cardi or jacket, and by themselves on the weekends.  This black tank was 1 yard of 5.99 knit at Joanns.
For this B5493 collar, I did an altered bib, two of them, in different lengths.  No hemming on the bibs.  All cut out with my rotary cutter.  A first for me, and I really liked it!

 This neckband had the same issue as my summer dress.  It just waffled and would not lay flat.  So I again, folded the band to the outside and topstitched it down.  Now it looks like binding.

This second tank is also 1 yard from Joanns.  7.99 with coupon.  This neck band I did NOT have any issues with, no waffling.  I sure wish I knew what it was that causes it to work or not work!

If you are bored of seeing T's, I am sorry..... I know I have at least one more up my sleeve.... Then I think it is time for a black linen jacket.  Now just to find the right pattern.......
Stay Happy
Keep sewing
and if you can't sew
Hike Red Mountain, it is gorgeous.


  1. This Sarah Veblen Threads video has how to determine how long to make the binding so it lies flat every time; I have used it and it works!

    1. Thank you Kyle! I just watched the video, I will definitely be trying this technique on my next T!!