Monday, May 4, 2015

Liesl & Co, Weekend Getaway Blouse

I can't say enough about this pattern.  I love it.  Simple make, looks flattering on. 
This is my 3rd one.  The fabric is from JoAnns.  A heavier rayon blend.  Comes out of washer and dryer, looking just like it did before it went it.  Gotta love that!  Changes this time....I added to the back shoulder, to roll it slightly to the front, to match MY shoulder roll, I also lengthened the sleeve only at the top portion as when it hangs, it appears a bit shorter on the top of the sleeve on my first versions.
A lot of matching required with this fabric, but I am quite happy with how well it came together.  LOTS of pinning. 

Love the back pleat detail.  Adds flow and roominess without looking baggy.

The front facing is visible as the collar and down the front. I interfaced only the upper corner section of the collar portion, on the outer fabric, which ends up being the underside of the collar. 
Very quick and easy make.  I love this shirt.

Stay Happy
Keep Sewing
and if you can't sew..
Play cars with a cute boy.


  1. Love your top and the fabric is lovely

  2. This pattern is on my wish list. Love your version. Beautiful fabric and you have obviously taken your time to match the print. Beautiful work.