Sunday, October 19, 2014

McCalls 6996 Cardigan

Not a whole lot to say about this pattern.  My first cardigan.  I believe I made view E.  The longer looking one.  It is not as long as the drawing, nor is the front hemline as slanted.  Both are fine, because I love the end result.  This was an easy make.  The only changes I made were to use French seams where I could, and where that would not work, on inside, I folded under each side of seam line 1/8" and then  topstitched it down.  I added non stretch seam tape in the seam line at shoulders and on side seam from under arm to waist to prevent stretching.
When I first finished it, I was afraid it looked like a bath robe.  When I wore it out with hubby, I had him take pics.  My fear was gone.  I do not think it looks like a bath robe at all.  It is a flattering fit without being clingy or adding bulk.

I decided I liked it so well, that I made another. 

Up next is a navy blazer.  I am morphing the M5815 and B4610.  I have made the M5815 twice previously.  Wool Tweed M5815  and Medium weight Linen so I knew I had the fit already, but I want a totally different collar.  So I am using the 5815 body, 4610 neckline and collar as well as the 4610 sleeves.  When I bought this navy fabric from, I could have sworn it said medium weight twill, but it arrived and says it is Kaufman Uniform Basics.  I like the color and weight, and I hope to make this blazer a basic in my rotation, so it should be perfect!  Again I am also using Pro Sheer Elegance medium weight interfacing from

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Keep Sewing
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  1. Beautiful cardigan Kelly. Love it with your little black dress too.

    1. Thank you Jean. The LBD was for a Christmas party a few years back. I don't recall the pattern. I was so excited about how well it fit, I forgot to put in a zipper! Getting in and out of it requires a lot of wiggling!!

  2. It looks far nicer in reality than on the pattern cover. The colour is lovely and I really like the back detail.

    1. Thank you! The peplum is the perfect sway back adjustment!

  3. Ooh - I so want that pattern. I love your versions. Fantastic.