Sunday, July 13, 2014

That was a fun ride! Archer, July 2014

I just finished my first Archer.  I enjoyed the whole process.  Printing, taping, tracing, contemplating pattern layout to maximize matching, sewing, studying, all of it.  I had the weekend pretty much to myself.  Sewing marathon.  I bought this pattern quite some time ago, and have been contemplating it.  Even bought fabric for it, more than once.  Next week we are going camping, and I thought that this pattern would be a great cover up.  Cool, fashionable sunscreen!  So this was my test Archer, at the very least, I would have a camping shirt!
I bought this fabric on sale at JoAnns.  $4.99 a yard.  I bought 3 yards.  It was 44" wide.   
Saturday morning
Sunday afternoon
I cut it out all single layer to make sure that I could match the plaid.  Lucky for me, this fabric had no wrong side!  This allowed me to use the reverse side as well, so that I could mirror the pattern across the front and sleeves.  I used almost all of it! 
I traced and cut a size 14.  I only made 3 alterations during the making.  I made the cuff about 1 3/4" shorter and slimmed the sleeve to match.  I added a dart in the front armscye on the fly, to remove excess fabric in the front.

Shortened the cuff to be 9" from buttonhole
marking to button marking
Added dart in armscye
         I read through Jen's sew along on the Grainline Studio blog.  I read the instructions.  I decided to follow her techniques for the collar.   

Look at this turned point!

Her instructions are similar to one I have followed from Gigi from Behind the Seams.  It was easy.  I think this is the best looking collar I have made yet.  Pretty inside and out. 

Since this will be for camping, and my trailer closet is a hanging type, I added a hanging tab for ease.

Inside back, with hanging tab
My best collar yet!
Back, I cut the back yoke on the bias.  I think I still need to work on more fitting on the back, there seems to be extra fabric in the back armscye area as well.  I think next time I also need to do a forward shoulder adjustment, but I am not sure how to do that with a yoke.


I think this is my favorite button up shirt yet.  I love it.  I have been wearing all afternoon and it is very comfortable.
Added button closure to front pocket
(had to shorten them as well due to a miss cut the first time
and then fabric shortage)

I did not follow the recommended button placement.  I usually figure out where I need a button across my bust, to eliminate gaping, and then I evenly space the remaining based upon that bust button placement.  


Love the cuff detail!

Sorry for the lame selfies, my DH is working.

Sleeves down
Sleeves rolled

Needless to say, I will be a happy camper!!!  
Stay Happy,
Keep Sewing,
and if you can't sew
Go Camping!!
I miss my sister!! 


Friday, July 11, 2014

It's Archer time!

I've decided it's time.  I have let this pattern marinate long enough. 
Archer Button Up Shirt    

Tonight I trimmed and taped the 39 pages together, and then traced out view A.

I bought and prewashed this adorable cotton plaid from Joanne's today. $4.99 a yard on sale.  Sweet.

Let the fun begin!
Right after a good nights sleep.
Stay happy,
Keep Sewing,
and if you can't sew
smell the roses.

Monday, July 7, 2014

I WON! The Indi Pattern Designer contest in June!!

2 winners were selected for this Pattern Review contest, sponsored by Grainline Studios.

1. lumiukko for Grainline Studio 31004 (Archer Shirt) - 'Gorgeous!
2. ME for my use of Scout to knockoff a NorthStyle top!!

KG2 says, “This is a great pattern. Great base pattern easy to alter to make different looks.”
The prize is a package of 3 of Grainline's patterns!!  I already own 5 of them, so hopefully I will get the other 3 that I have not yet bought!!  I would love the Alder shirtdress, the Tiny Pocket tank and the Portside Travel set.
Thank you Jennifer @ Grainline Studios!!!  Check out all her patterns!  I love your patterns.  They are all great basics with simple style. 
Stay Happy,
Keep Sewing.
and if you can't sew,