Sunday, June 1, 2014

June, the month of Basics

That is what I hope to accomplish this month.  To look back on MMM, identify and fill in the holes of my MM wardrobe.  I think for me, that is basics.  More casual skirts, trousers, and tops.  Light jackets for air conditioned office.  Maybe a summer dress. I really enjoyed wearing NL 6020, so I am thinking maybe I need another.  
Today I started off with a green and cream, lace knit striped Kirsten Kimono. The pattern is free from MariaDenmark, it takes less than a yard, and if unlined, takes about an hour.  Took two hours for this top.  $8.99 for the knit.  Got to love that.

To match the stripes, I pinned each side of the green stripe.  Lot of pinning, but, it worked very well!


Loving my tri-fold wall mounted mirrors.

I love this polished stones necklace.  I bought it in Maui last summer.  It was hand made by an local artist.

The knit was very thin on the lacy stripes, so I lined it.  Which means no hems, no neck band.  Yay! 
I did this by first sewing the shoulder seams on the outer fabric and then the inner fabric. (I used a 1/4"strip of bias tape on the seam line, to prevent the shoulder seam from stretching out too much) Then joining them together at the neckline (again using the bias strip on seam line )  Next, sewed side seams on striped fabric and then side seams on lining, except on one side of lining, I used a basting stitch for about 6" of the side seam.  I pressed the side seams open (this was to set in the side seam crease where I had basted it, to make it easier to hand stitch later).  I then unpicked the basting, turned the Tee inside out through this opening in lining side seam.  I then pinned the hem striped fabric to the hem lining fabric, for both sleeves and bottom hem and sewed them (be sure you have the fabric right sides facing when you do this, or you will end up with a mess that won't turn right side out!  Once done, I pulled the Tee back through the opening and hand stitched it closed.  Yay! no hemming!


I have a brown denim MariMoss skirt on the cutting table.  I think it will look great with this new Kirsten, and also fit right into my existing wardrobe as well.
Stay Happy
Keep Sewing
and if you can't sew
do a Jillian Micheal's workout. 
It is kick butt.


  1. Very nice!

    I love this pattern. So versatile and a great fit.

  2. Lovely top and thanks for the tip on lining it.

  3. That was quick for a cute top and I love your polished stone necklace!

  4. I like this top, love the necklace and envious of your tri-fold mirror!