Friday, May 2, 2014

Rachel Comey, Day 2 MMM

Today was V1247 Rachel Comey day.  I looked for my reviews for both of these pieces... Looks like I did not review either.  If I mentioned them on my blog, I can not find them.
This top was meant to be a muslin a few years ago.  It is just rust cotton bastite.  But when I was done, I thought it looked pretty good.  Comes out of the dryer without  a wrinkle.  So, my muslin became my top.

The skirt I have made twice already. I had to retire one of them, as the colored denim just faded too unattractively, and it may have shrank.  This skirt, also a stretch denim, (with a looser waistband) in what looks like a raised animal print, was to replace the retired skirt.  I really like it. 

Sorry for the photos, DH had already left for work. (geeze, and I didn't even make the bed first!)

So second day in, and MMM has already changed the way I think about dressing in the morning.  I was running behind and threw on some jeans.  Then remembered! I have to take a picture! I can't be lazy and just wear these RTW jeans, it is ONLY day 2!!!!  So off came the jeans.  This skirt (which I had not worn yet) begged to be shown off today.  I picked the top based solely on the color and that it covered the waist.  Didn't dawn on me that they were from the same pattern, years apart.  They paired well, I think!

Stay Happy
Keep Sewing
and if you can't sew
Enjoy doing what you can do!


  1. Lovely outfit. I have seen so many people make up this skirt with great success. I really must try it out.