Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Me Made May Days 24,25,26&27 Moss everywhere

We headed out of town for Memorial Day, to escape the smoke and have some fun.  A weekend of antique shopping in Prescott.  Lots of food, art, drinks and shopping!!

Day 24  New Look 6020

Day 25, hotel room shot, sorry.  Moss and Kirsten Kimono Tee

Moss (again) and Lane Raglan Tee

Back to work today, still very smoky here.  Scout and V8774

Realizing how much I have made, and do not wear, has been eye opening. Planning and photographing daily is a LOT of work!  I am glad that I have done it though.  I think this weekend is going to be dedicated to donating those things that I kept pulling out of the closet and then putting back, because I just don't feel comfortable in them.  THAT will make room for making more items like the ones I not only will wear, but actually like wearing.
Stay Happy
Keep Sewing
and if you can't sew
be thankful for the things you can do


  1. Lovely outfits. Hope you enjoyed your weekend away. Great to see you have benefited from participating in MMM. I have found it to be quite helpful too.

  2. That NL dress is super cute!!

  3. Love those green Vogue pants! I think what you've learned from MMMay is exactly what Zoe had in mind when she started it. It's fun to sew fancy, special garments but if we're serious about an all around hand made wardrobe, you need to sew for the life you actually live. And that's different for each of us, of course, but it's not unusual to realize there needs to be more cake sewing and less icing! That's certainly what I take away from this. More pants! Your Vogues are a great inspiration.