Saturday, May 31, 2014

Knock off a NorthStyle blouse. Scout to the rescue.

I received a NorthStyle catalog in the mail last week.  I am not sure how I ended up on their mailing list, I had never heard of them.  They had quite a few cute pieces.  This top really caught my eye.  So this was my project today.

High Contrast Collared Top
I bought a yard of a linen blend.  I decided to use my Scout T pattern as the base and alter the pattern to be a V neck.  I then drafted the collar pieces and a facing to finish the inner front.
I don't know what the back of the inspiration shirt looked like, but I wanted a little something back there, so I cut the back in 2 sections.  The lower section, I widened on the fold by 1.5" (so 3" total) and then pleated it.  Sorry for the lame shots, black just doesn't like to be photographed.

I used the scout sleeves, as my upper arms prefer coverage.  I did not ease the sleeve cap, but instead created 2 small pleats to deal with the fullness.

I really like it.  I think it looks great with my  denim white skirt.
NorthStyle version $39.99
My version $7.99
 I also did some repair work today.  When I made this top, I lined it.  Oops.  I inserted the lining backwards, and did not notice until serging in the sleeves.  Durn.  I thought I could live with it.  Besides, who would know?
Well I was wearing it when my husband and I went out to dinner.  He looked at me and asked, "what is that sticking out of your shirt?"  It was the lining!  Poking out, up over the front collar band.  Egads.  Guess I can't live with it.  Then I washed it and hung it up and forgot about it, until I pulled it out to wear again, and remembered.  Durn.  Going to have to fix that...

This is the excess lining, due to inserting it backwards...
the back neckline was higher than the front. 

I cut, just the lining, along the edge of the neck band, to release the excess.

I then cut the lining level with the neck band. 
I am holding the excess I cut off.

I then folded it under and hand stitched it to the neck band.
This was the piece of excess lining I cut out.

Yay!  No lining peaking rudely out!

Hmmm.... wonder what is up next?  I am thinking a Kirsten Kimono T.... or I bought a couple pieces of denim, brown and navy.... perhaps some more Mari Moss skirts? 

Stay Happy
Keep Sewing
and if you can't sew
look through all the pics on your phone, and smile.


  1. Love your new Scout/NorthStyle blouse. The double collar is very smart and the pleat at the back makes it really nice. Great job.

  2. that is cute! i like your repair job...ha ha for "what IS that sticking out of your shirt??"

  3. Excellent job on recreating that top! Love the back pleat too.

    1. Thank you Beverly, great way to go catalog 'shopping'!

  4. I like your top, too! So glad you were able to fix it. I've enjoyed seeing your me-mades. It would be fun to have nearby sewing buddies. I am grateful to at least have them on the internet:)

  5. Thank you Angela. Me too, without virtual sewing communities, I really would be alone!