Sunday, May 18, 2014

I love Simple Sundays and Simple patterns. Scout, Kirsten Kimono and Lane Raglan.

A new Scout.  I bought this gorgeous fabric at JoAnns on Friday.   They described it as a 'linen ,crinkle flower'  Hand wash separately in cold and line dry.  19.99 a yard.  I had a 40% off, so I got a yard for 11.99.  I promptly threw it in the washer with my jeans and then in the dryer until it was dry.  It came out of dryer looking exactly as it did when I bought it.  (-: 
I thought it would make a beautiful Scout.  I did French seaming on all seams, even the armhole!!  I don't know why I thought, I CAN'T do that!  I saw a tutorial on Grainline Studio and it looked so easy.  So I tried.  And it was.  Whoo hooo!
I can not get a picture to show the true beautiful deep blue, but the one below shows how see through it is.

Sorry for the lame pics, my DH is not available.

Next up, MariaDenmark's Kirsten Kimono.  I saw one made up on the MMM flicker pool.  I just loved the simplicity of it.
This is from Maria's website...
"The idea behind the MariaDenmark pattern line is to create simple patterns for everyday wear, with illustrated educational step-by-step instructions, making them easy to sew, fit and wear for everybody – even complete beginners."
I love every simple every day clothes.  It is what I wear, most every day. 
I downloaded the FREE pattern and taped it together.  Below is my TNT NL 6150, laying atop the Kirsten pattern for fitting comparison.
The darkest line, is the size(s) I am going to trace.  The XS neckline, the Large shoulder and sleeve and then XL on the waist blended out to 2XL at the hem. Same for the back. 
NL 6150 atop the Kirsten pattern front
NL 6150 atop the Kirsten pattern back
It was simple sew!  I ended up shortening it by 2 3/8", but that was the only alteration.   I love this pattern.  This was meant as a muslin, as the fabric ( was hiding in my stash.  One of those fabrics that you get and shudder and hide in the back of the stash.  What was I thinking?  Orange?? and shiny??  Then I made it and tried it on.  I love it.  I think it will look awesome with my black cropped pants. 

 So then I did it again.  This time in a ruffled knit.  Again, I don't know what I was thinking when I ordered this fabric.  (  Never crossed my mind that all those ruffles would need to be coaxed into laying the appropriate direction during cut out AND all seaming!!  Not sure if I actually like this one.  I will wear it with my white MariMoss denim skirt this week and then I will decide.

The unruly ruffles, hang down perfectly
when I am not taking a picture!

I basted all edges (except bottom) 1/4" from edge to get the ruffles to lay in the correct direction.  I had no clue how to best do the neckline, so I just turned under the edge to my basting line and topstitched it into submission.  I didn't even hem it.  I trimmed the bottom to underneath the bottom ruffle, and wahla! a ruffle hem.

Last up today, Lane Raglan by Hey Jane.  I made two muslins of the raglan this weekend.  The second fit perfect, so today I cut the fabric I had planned for this pattern.  I also picked this up on Friday from Joanns. The fabric is a light knit, which I also tossed in washer and dryer with my jeans.  Another simple top that I can wear every day. 

Stay Happy
Keep Sewing
and if you can't sew,
give yourself a pedicure.


  1. I love all these! I really need to sew some basic tops up too. Joann's has started carrying some beautiful pieces of fabric.

  2. Wow I love all of these tops :-)

  3. You have been very busy Kelly. I love all these tops. You have done a beautiful job on those french seams on the Scout. Gorgeous fabrics too. I really must try the Kirsten Kimono Tee. I have it printed out but just haven't got to it yet. Great basic patterns for everyday garments.

  4. Love all the tops but especially the first one. And great looking French seams, one of my favorite seam finishes.

  5. Gorgeous tops!!

    I have made like 6 kimono tees. It is my go-to "1 yard" pattern. Especially for a crazy or interesting knit fabric!!

  6. Did you coverstitch the necklines? Also how did you finish the sleeves? I couldn't tell on my IPad. Thanks. They look great.

  7. Hilary, I have a cover stitch machine, but no, I did not cover stitch them. Both the Kimonos and Raglan, I just topstitched the neckline with a longer straight stitch. The neck opening fits over my head easily without needing to stretch, so straight stitch works fine. For a comparison, my normal straight stitch setting is at 2.5, and my longer straight stitch setting, that I used for this topstitching was 4.5. Same finish for the sleeves on the Kimono, except at a length of 4.0. The Raglan, required no hemming, as it is finished with bands on sleeves and hemline.