Sunday, March 23, 2014

Green Jeans......

I pinned this look while back on Pinterest.   I love the simple style and the color combo.
  Need green jeans
I think Vogue 8774 should do it!

I made these successfully before.. KellysSewing.... when she is not running: Vogue 8774 done!!        
I am hoping these ones are perfect.  The fabric is a 'Miami stretch denim green' from  In real life, not the color green that I had thought when I purchased the fabric.    I was hoping for a deeper green, not sure what color these are, but the closest thread match I could find was called spearmint.  The fabric only has a one way stretch, if I cut them on grain, the stretch would have been vertical with no stretch going around the body.  I folded them with cut edges aligned (instead of selvage edges) and cut them with the stretch going around the body.  Hope I don't end up regretting that!

I compared the front and back pieces to my favorite pair of VS jeans, and found the front pattern piece wider and the back piece narrower through the waist to hip than my fave jeans, so I adjusted the pattern pieces to match my jeans by folding out about 3/4" in the front piece and adding to edge of the back piece, from waist through just above the knee.  I also added 5" in length.
Hoping to get these sewn up today. 

Stay Happy
Keep Sewing
and if you can't sew
Enjoy doing what you can do!
and for a little Grandma eye candy....


  1. I'm excited for your green jeans!!

  2. Ooooh can't wait. I am making green (BRIGHT) shorts for spring. Something about green and navy/white stripes!