Monday, March 31, 2014

What time is it? Maritime!

I bought a few Grainline patterns a while back.  The Moss Mini and Scout T have been made multiple times now.  Maritime shorts and the Archer shirt were still left to do...

I had this gorgeous railroad stripe stretch denim from  Perfect for shorts!  I washed and dried it (in the dryer) 3 times, to eliminate shrinkage after construction. 


Image of Maritime Shorts
In trying to determine the size to cut, I laid my recently fitted to me V8774 jeans front and back piece over the pdf patterns.  The purple outline below is size 14, which I thought I was going to cut, the tissue paper piece on top is the size I ended up cutting after comparing to V8774.  The front was about a 12 (with some alteration at the inside leg seam, and a cut on fly)

The back was about a 12/14.  The crotch curves front and back, were perfect. I added about 3/4" to top center back and again reduced the inner leg seam.  I lengthened both front and back 2"

I used the waistband pattern piece from V8774, as having just used it, I know it is a perfect fit.  The diff between my hips and waist is not that great, so a less curved waistband was needed.
The stripes photographed crazy! Not sure why. 
Blue buttons?

Yellow buttons?

I wish this photo uploaded in better quality, I just love the detail that Jen put into the back pockets, so simple, but so professional looking.

Look at the depth of those pockets!!  I love them!

A great shorts pattern with a flattering fit.  The legs are shaped to give your thighs ample room and coverage without looking baggy.
Going to need a few more pairs!
Stay Happy
Keep Sewing
and if you can't sew
Enjoy doing what you can do!
and for a little grandma eye candy....

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Vogue 8774, green denim jeans, done!

What a whirl wind of a day!!  I washed and dried my stretch denim 3 times last week ( Yesterday, I altered the pattern (you can see most the alterations on the pattern pieces below....wider width on back - hip to knee, narrowed the front - full length, cut the fly on the front - I see no sense it doing it separately,  added 5" length, made the front pockets and pocket linings deeper - they were too shallow, and scooped the seat a bit more - so no wedgie, took some curve out of waistband and lengthened it to make a wrap around waistband)

I cut out all of the pieces.

My DH worked today, so it was an all day sewing marathon.
First up, I like to take care of all the extra bits.  Back pockets, fly shield, pocket linings/facings/, belt loops (long strip) and coin pocket.  This allows me to get a feel for how the fabric sews, and to determine how to do my topstitching. 
Here is the cut on fly.  It is interfaced and marked with center front line, where the zip stop will be and seam line.

Here are the best fly instructions I have found.  .  Debbie Cook  over at Stitches and Seams.

One of my many professional seamstress tools.  This is after steaming a seam into submission, I 'weight' until it cools. 

The pocket facings extend all the way to fly, makes for nice tummy suppression. 

How I fit my jeans to ME..... I sew the backs together along back crotch seam.  Once the front pockets are done, and the zipper inserted, I sew the inner legs of fronts to backs at 3/8".  I then baste the outer leg seams, front to back, with the longest basting stitch my machine has.  I try the pants on.  From there I can take in the inner leg in more if needed (I took it in another 1/4" from crotch to knees)  If I think the side seams seem ok, I baste the waistband on.  Then I try them on again.  Having the waistband on changes the fit, so then it is easier to tell if the side seams need to be taken in more or let out.   I had to take in just 1/4" from the back pieces from hip to knee.  Then I was ready to sew over the basting with my normal stitches.  And that, is how I fit my jeans to me!!

A mere 8 hours later....  Here they are!

I used some old green buttons, because I had them and I thought they looked cute.

Here you can see the wrap around waistband.  I wrap the outer band around to inside to reduce bulk right where the buttonhole and buttons will be.

I did a little embroidery on the belt loops and top of back pockets.   I always put the back pockets on just about last.  I use a fave RTW pair to decide placement, then I pin the pockets on and try the pants on and then move them around until I am happy with the placement. 

Best of all..... They fit!!  Not too tight, no wedgie, no camel toe!!  I love 'em.

So, here was my inspiration from Pinterest, and my interpretation!! 
Just got to love sewing, eh?

Stay Happy
Keep Sewing
and if you can't sew
Enjoy doing what you can do!
and a little Grandma eye candy....

Green Jeans......

I pinned this look while back on Pinterest.   I love the simple style and the color combo.
  Need green jeans
I think Vogue 8774 should do it!

I made these successfully before.. KellysSewing.... when she is not running: Vogue 8774 done!!        
I am hoping these ones are perfect.  The fabric is a 'Miami stretch denim green' from  In real life, not the color green that I had thought when I purchased the fabric.    I was hoping for a deeper green, not sure what color these are, but the closest thread match I could find was called spearmint.  The fabric only has a one way stretch, if I cut them on grain, the stretch would have been vertical with no stretch going around the body.  I folded them with cut edges aligned (instead of selvage edges) and cut them with the stretch going around the body.  Hope I don't end up regretting that!

I compared the front and back pieces to my favorite pair of VS jeans, and found the front pattern piece wider and the back piece narrower through the waist to hip than my fave jeans, so I adjusted the pattern pieces to match my jeans by folding out about 3/4" in the front piece and adding to edge of the back piece, from waist through just above the knee.  I also added 5" in length.
Hoping to get these sewn up today. 

Stay Happy
Keep Sewing
and if you can't sew
Enjoy doing what you can do!
and for a little Grandma eye candy....

Saturday, March 1, 2014


Knitting my first sweater... ever... has taught me something about myself.  I love to knit.  I love to create.  And...I am OBSESSIVE. I knew I was slightly obsessive when I was sewing, but sewing a project doesn't take a month, so it is less obvious.  I knitted at lunch time at work.  I knitted when I got home from work.  I knitted after dinner.  My husband became used to me announcing what row/stitch/count I was on, anytime he wanted to speak to me while I was knitting.  When we were done conversing, he would remind me what row/stitch/count I had announced when the conversation started and I would resume knitting without issue.  If I have ridiculous grins in these photos, please understand.  I just knitted MY FIRST SWEATER.

First I have to  thank Andi Sutterlund at for the wonderful FREE Miette pattern she shares.
Secondly, Gail and her Miette knit along from 2 years ago at
Lastly, I must thank my husband, for his patience and support.  And never-ending reminders of which row / stitch / count I was on.

Button auditioning....

more button auditioning...

Post blocking and button addition

I love it!

Below it had not been blocked yet, nor did it have buttons, I LOVE it.  My FIRST sweater.
Really shows the difference blocking makes.  Just really adds a finished look and feel.  The stitches are much more uniform, set and gorgeous after blocking.

After watching umpteen You Tube videos on blocking wool  sweaters, I went with steam blocking.   Here she is, La Prune Miette, or plum little crumb, in all her glory.  Steamed, pinned and waiting to dry.

I did the key hole button holes from Stitch a Day.  Love that site.

Here is my steaming partner.  I bought this steamer off of Woot last year, and this is the first time I have used it!
I am sew excited for it to dry!  My birthday is this week and I want to wear it on my birthday!
I started this on 2/8 and knitted my last stitch last night, 2/28.  I have not sewn a stitch since I began!  I can't wait to make an easy make!
Stay Happy, Keep Sewing (knitting)
and if you can't sew
Enjoy doing what you can do!