Saturday, August 10, 2013

Oops!! I did it again! Closet Case Bombshell bathing suit! II

I had to.  This time view A.  (Blue one) Classic 50's. 

A chocolate lycra with white polka dots from Spandex World. 
With thrifty layout, I was able to cut out this suit with 41" of 54" wide fabric.
Turns out making a bathing suit is not HARD.  You just have to take your time.  and Practice on scraps until you get you stretch stitch, and zig zag for attaching elastic and for your topstitching down pat.   I practiced and then wrote down the settings for each step.  Really helped!
I made the size 14 again, this time lengthening the lining by 3"and the ruching by almost 5".  I think it is perfect.  Does not pull down when I move around. 
The most tedious part is all the ruching, and all the pinning.  But it is worth it, I believe it is the ruching that makes this suit so awesome. 

I inserted soft foam cups in the top, as it provides next to no support or privacy.

And for covering up on way to / from beach.....

This is my second bombshell.  I love this suit.  I will be wearing this on the beach in Maui next week.  
Stay Happy
Keep Sewing
And if you can't sew
Enjoy doing what you can!   



  1. WOW! It looks great!! Have a GREAT time in Maui. I love Hawaii!!!