Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Finished!!!! ..... Grainline Studio's Moss Skirt

I have been really impressed with the Grainline pattern makes I have seen popping up everywhere.  So I bought the Scout Woven Tee, the Moss Skirt and the Maritime Shorts.  The skirt in on my cutting table right now.  In a mustard laundered bull denim from Fabric.com.

Image of Moss Skirt

I could not wait to get off work today to get started on this skirt.  I had high hopes!

I envisioned being done is a couple hours, after all, it was already cut out!!

It is not a difficult pattern, so I guess, I am just a slow sewer.  Started at 1:30, finished at 5. So 3.5 hours.  I really like it.  a lot. 

I did a lot of top stitching. Still debating whether I should go back and top stitch the center back seam.

The pattern and instructions are pretty straightforward, only a few minor issues....  It is missing a couple markings on the waistband for side seams, but not too big of a deal.  The waistband ended up being about an 1,5" short though, on the extension side.  You can make out my fix just under the button where I had to add to it to make it longer.  Not sure if it was the pattern or user error.   I followed all the instructions.  I must say, the zipper insertion method was very confusing and left a lot of room for error.  It was the most difficult method I have tried.  So next time, I will cut the fly extensions ON the front pieces and follow Debbie Cook's fly tutorial.  It is the best.

The pocket facings and linings extend all the way to the center front.  Added quite a bit of bulk, as the facing was the denim material, so next time, I will not extend both the facing and the lining, but end one of them an inch or so before center front.  It does provide some stability across the front which is really nice.  Here it is with my Grainline Studio Scout Tee.  I love both pieces.  Great patterns I will use again and again.




All in all.  I love it.  Can't wait to make another.  But first, I must make dinner. 

Keep Sewing,
Stay Happy,
and you if can't sew,
Enjoy doing what you can do!


  1. originally I had the same problem as you did. when I pinned the waistband it was about 1.5 inches shorter and I was pretty upset. I ditched the project for a bit and while watching TV I remembered something important. Just like the armsye and neckline you have to stretch the binding so that it fits!

    What I did afterwards was on each ends I overlapped the 0.5 inches she mentioned and pinned on each end. then I gently stretched the waistband around until it was comfortable enough to sew without any puckers.

    it worked!

    Thought I would pass that along because this was one of the blogs I saw when researching Moss skirt waistband :)


    1. Thank you so much for this advice! I was ready to give up on the waistband and tried your technique with great success.

  2. So pretty. Once I get the pattern sized for my apple shaped body I think this is going to be one of my all time favorite patterns.