Thursday, August 29, 2013

I'm Back!! and another Moss.....

Maui was amazing.  My bombshell bathing suits were not only gorgeous, they were functional, both in the pool and in the ocean!  Love that pattern!  I am wearing the brown polka dot one, trust me.

I made another Moss skirt today, telling myself it is transitional.  I wear skirts pretty much all summer, so it fits right in with end of summer and then into Fall.   It will look cute with tights and boots, but can still be worn now, bare legged, with sandals / flats.

Image of Moss Skirt

This is a great pattern.  I just love the fit.  I have loved every Grainline Studio pattern I bought! 
I made the version with the extension on the bottom (no mini skirts for me!)

This time I used some old stretch denim I had from left over jeans long ago. 

Changes I made:

I cut a 14 for the back and 12 for the front. I cut the waistband facing out of the same cotton I used for the pocket lining and facing.

I added about 3" to each end of the outer waist band, so that I could do a wrap around of the denim to connect to the facing on the inside.  You can see in the photo below how the denim on the waistband wraps around to the interior and is then joined to the waistband facing.  I did this on both ends.  This reduces a lot of bulk right where you will be putting your button hole and button.

 I also cut the pocket facing out of lining material instead of main fabric to cut down on bulk.  I created a new pattern piece to be the addition to the facing at the top pocket edge where your hand would enter pocket. I wanted this to be out of main fabric, (below is the pocket facing pattern piece and my new addition, little pattern strip above it.) Next to the pattern pieces, is one already sewn together.  The denim strip is now the pocket top.  This would be the view of the inside of the pocket.  So now, when the pockets peak open, you would see denim instead of lining fabric.

 I altered the front pattern pieces to include the fly extension, instead of cutting it separately.  I then inserted the zip per Debbie's (Stitches and Seams) fly tutorial. 

 I topstitched a lot, using the golden rust color that is usually in jeans. I also added belt loops, just because I like them.

Sorry for the bad photos, 'twas the best I could do with space I had available!  In looking at them, I think maybe I should make the next one about 3/4" longer!  Of course, if my stomach was ... less bloated, the skirt would sit a bit lower and then it would be longer!! 

Stay Happy
Keep Sewing
and if you can't sew
Enjoy doing what you can!
a little grandma eye candy.....
He will be moving in a few weeks...... to Portland.  So far away.  Grandma tears.


  1. Hawaii is such a special place!!
    I have been thinking about making a traditional denim jeans skirt, this might be the pattern I wind up using!
    Thank you for all your kind words on my blog! Sometimes I think about giving up blogging but comments like yours keep me going!

  2. p.s. I don't think your skirt is too short--it looks right to me!

  3. Loving your Moss skirts. Love the band around the bottom and all the top stitching. You have convinced me to give this pattern a go. Glad you enjoyed your holiday.