Sunday, April 21, 2013

Red Jeans, crotch revisited

See previous post as to why I am revisiting my Red Jeans crotch.....

Using tips from Fashion Incubator, 

I went with the theory that there was too much fabric in my front and rear crotch.  In other words, I needed to scoop out more fabric.  The changes I could make were limited, since my jeans were completed, no adding fabric to the sides if scooping out rear makes them too tight, so I just had to go with it.   I unfastened the middle back belt loops from the yoke.  I removed all top stitching down the center of the rear.  I scooped out more depth in the crotch curve, so it more resembled a backwards J vs a gentle slide.  I then stitched them and wore them all day.  Fixing the BW definitely made them more comfortable, but it did not completely fix the CT.  I would say the are 95% improved.  So these will be wearing around jeans, not sitting all day jeans. 

Pre BW fix
Post BW fix and wearing all day
Post BW fix and wearing all day

I did not do anything to fix the CT, as I did not want to remove the zip and redo the front.  I was hoping that the scooping in the back curve, would lend some wiggle room all around and thus lessen the CT.  I think it did lessen it quite a bit, but they still are not as comfortable as needed for sitting all day.

I still love them.  Just more from a standing, than sitting position. 
Next pair will definitely have more wiggle room in front and rear crotch.
Now, as for my remake of 1247 (see 2 posts ago)   I also wore my yellow muslin all day.  By end of day, decided, nah, not going to sacrifice my good fabric, just really don't like the shirt all that well.  So instead, I went with Simplicity 2599.  Sorry, can't seem to rotate the image.  I went with the yellow view, with 3 ruffles. 

I really like it.  I am glad I did not make the 1247. 

Stay Happy
Keep Sewing
and if you can't sew
Enjoy doing what you can do!
Parting shot of pure happiness.


  1. The fit is looking better. Love the top.

  2. I think the fit of these jeans is absolutely wonderful now. You did a great job!