Sunday, December 23, 2012

Monkey for Ronan

For Ronan's first Christmas, I wanted to make him something that would last.  I chose the Mikey Monkey by mmmcrafts  The pattern is great and the monkey, even better.  I made a few changes, I did not want his clothes to be part of his body, but instead, I wanted them removable. (the removable shirt and shorts are not included in mmmcrafts pattern)  I also widened his thighs and added a heart.

I think he turned out adorable, I hope that Ronan loves him.

Here he is unstuffed.  I added a felt heart.

All stuffed

With little pair of shorts and tennies

and finally with a T shirt (made from a pair of socks)

Now he is waiting for Christmas morning, and Ronan.

Hope he loves it!!

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Stay Happy

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  1. How gorgeous is that - both the baby and the monkey.

    Have a great Christmas and New Year.