Friday, February 10, 2012

Best Laid Plans

I traced out and cut out my muslin for B5712.  Then came work, school, a funeral, more school, laundry and somehow, I lost interest in that cute little jacket.

Might have been the vintage A-line wool skirt I bought at a second hand store while out of town for the funeral.  I just thought it was adorable, I envisioned it as a pencil skirt with my brown boots.... and it was only $6!
 The old zipper and vintage button were still in fine working condition.
 It was fully block fused with a wonderful knit interfacing
 I picked apart the side seams and zipper and just cut off waistband,  there would be no re-using that!  My waste is not vinage sized.    I used my Mcall's 5590 pattern to lay over the pieces to confirm that they were still big enough to contain me and for marking how much of the sides to remove for a nice pencil shape.  Cut off about 4"-5" of the top, that means my waist size must be about the hip size of the original owner! 
I then pinned it on me.....

 and DH took pictures ...... and yes, those are Christmas ornaments on the floor.  We JUST took down the tree.  DON'T JUDGE ME.  This was the first Christmas that all of my kids could not come home, somehow, I just needed to leave the tree up.  Hubby gently suggested on FEBRUARY 5th, that maybe we could take it down together.....I love that man.
 Back to the skirt, looking good, reserved the original hem.
Had a side lapped zip, so I left the back in one piece.  The orginal sewer did a fine job matching up the patterns on the back. 

And here it is!  I love my new old skirt!  Not sure why my green top looks black in this picture.......  and yes, that is soot all around the wood stove.  AGAIN, DON'T JUDGE ME.  It is cold where we live and my DH keeps that baby burning non stop.  Dangerous vacuuming up hot soot and ashes.  ((-:

Now...... I bought some nice ash grey denim..... think I want to make some cigarette pants...... only mine will be ankle or longer length.... does that disqualify them from being cigarette pants? 

The Butterick 5712 is sitting on the sidelines, patiently waiting.... I think it is curious about these cigarette pants too..

Stay Happy , Keep Sewing!


  1. I opened this post in google reader, and I could swear it said, "Best Laid Plaids" ...

  2. Great to see reuse of preloved items. Great job.

  3. You skirt looks the whole outfit.

  4. What a great find. The skirt re-do really turned out nice.

    I still have a few Christmas items that are not put away! My tree is un-decorated, but not packed away.