Saturday, January 21, 2012

Jalie 3130

I finished the Jalie 3130.  I must say, this is a very nice shirt pattern.  I think the pocket sizing and collar sizing are perfect, just like RTW.  Sometimes the Big 4 have collars and pockets that are out of scale to the shirt front and they can scream home made.  

 This pic is a bit blury, but I was trying to show the pockets, hard to see on this busy print. The fabric is a cotton blend from the Lisette collection at JoAnns.  It is beautiful.  No wrinkles, right out of the dryer and presses very well.  I cut the size Y as it most closely matched  my measurements, but I ended up taking it in 5/8" more from the elbow seam to the waist.    The sleeves are same front to back and are inserted flat.  Was a dream to ease in.  No puckers. 
 I tried a new tutorial on the collar, it was from GigiSews,  It was a little hard to comprehend what I was doing at first, but if you also follow the pictures, it works out just like she says it will!  Beautiful collar! 
 The sleeves have a cuff on the bottom, which is folded while attaching so that the right side of the fabric is also on the inside of the sleeve, so when you roll them up, you don't see the wrong side of the fabric.  Brilliant!
While there are no princess seams, the front and back darts do pretty well.  There is also a yoke on the back which is just slightly curved as attached which also helps with the back shaping. 

If you like button up shirts, I highly recommend this pattern. 

Stay Happy, Keep Sewing!


  1. Great shirt. Love the fabric. Really professional looking job. Very nice indeed!

  2. Wonderful shirt and the fabric is great!! I think I would really like that pattern too for a shirt dress, thanks for sharing.

  3. I really love the print. I need the collar tutorial, thanks!