Monday, January 30, 2012

Butterick 5712

Something about this little jacket pattern intrigues me.

Butterick 5712 - Jasje

It is not be the awful photos, so it must be the line drawings. View B.

The sleeves are cut on the jacket front and back.  The sides begin at lower hem and continues up to underarm and then down the arm to sleeve hem.  And there are cute little hidden inseam pockets on the front. I searched and no luck, no one has reviewed it, so I must be the guinnea pig, pioneer.  Last night I traced it with pattern tracing paper and then pin fit it together and tried it on.  I was just sure that there was no way it would work, but it seems that it might.  So the intrigue deepens.....  I have cut out a muslin..... so we shall see if my curiosity got the best of me or led me to something orniginal! 

Stay Happy!  Keep Sewing!

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