Saturday, January 7, 2012


Why is it so hard to start blogging again after a long absence?  Many days I have almost posted and then thought, it doesn't matter.  But it must, because here I am again.  I guess whether or not anyone reads this is not the point, I think I just need to say it.

My 23 year old son is being Afghanistan.  Those words even typed bring a baseball sized lump to my throat and my tears are no longer under my control.  He is not to leave til October, and that is a long ways away.  I pray for an end to this war and a safe and early withdrawal for all our sons and daughters, husbands, brothers and sisters. 

I am hoping in time, I can just have faith and stop being an emotional wreck, but in the meantime, what seems to work is to just stay busy.  Sewing is a great way to stay busy. 

I am sewing Butterick 5678 right now.  For the second time. 

Hoping to post pictures soon. 
Stay Happy, Keep Sewing


  1. {{{HUGS}}}} from one Marine Mom to another. My son is deploying about that time too, but on a MEU (ship) not to sand, so while it will be hard for me, it won't be nearly as hard as what you and your Marine will be going through. If your son is like every other Marine I know, this is what he wants so all we can do is support them, pray lots, and be proud of them. And keep the tissues stocked. Semper Fi

  2. My sons are older and did not serve, but being a mother of 2 sons, I shudder when I hear that. I too, would feel the exact same way you do. My prayers are with you, for the safety of your son, and for an end to this war before he is deployed (((hugs)))