Sunday, April 24, 2011

Finished Goods and WIP

Finished Goods:

Jalie 2908 for my sister's Birthday.  She lives in OR, she sent me her measurements, and I traced, sewed, topstitched and prayed and then mailed them to her.  They fit!!

WIP,  Work In Process.... 

So, to celecbrate, I decided to start my May jacket early.  That isn't cheating, is it?  McCall's 5815 semi fitted, lined and a very different bow collar.  Photo
Here it is with the collar just pinned on.   My collar is on the opposite side than that of the pattern picture.  My left front had a flaw in the linen just above nipple height that I did not notice in time.  So I just reversed the collar and no one will know!  I also pleated the front pockets as the drape just did nothing for me.

Happy Sewing! and Happy Easter! 

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  1. Happy Easter!
    How nice that the jeans fit :) They look great on her.
    I like the style of your jacket...the collar detail and pocket make it a very stylish jacket.