Saturday, March 12, 2011

A wadder / stuffer / orphan

Well the Simplicity 2227 ended up a wadder  stuffer.  I don't know what happened.  Half way through, I decided I didn't like the fabric.  It looks pretty, feels awful. Shreds, verrrry stretchy across grain, no stretch with grain.  Made for some unflattering sagging across back.

Then I just lost all drive to finish it.  So, it is in the closet.  Back right corner..bottom shelf,  you can just make it out.. laying there....  I feel like I let it down.  I am sorry. 

But life is short.  Sewing time is precious.  I must move on.

So, to cleanse my palette of failure, I decided to return to Simplicity 2599.   I loved the ease and comfort of this top so much that I made another! 

This is version E with just one ruffle going around the neckline, sans the bow. With bow was just too much. Another light gauzy feeling material.  To make it easier to work with, I starched the pieces after I cut them out.  Sure made fabric handling easier and it didn't fray quite as fast that way.  I did all hong kong finishes on the inside.  Again, did not use neck facings, instead used self bias.  Much cleaner finish in my opinion.

Here is how I am wearing it tonight, DD2 is taking me out for sushi for my birthday.  This jacket is New Look 6799 that I made in February.

And the jeans..... Jalie 2908 from last October.
Happy Sewing!

On a side note.... my running mojo has returned!  It left me after the marathon Jan 2010.  Somehow it came back.  Thank God.  Taking it easy and really enjoying it.

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  1. Happy Birthday!
    I like this top on you. It looks great and I am putting this pattern on my list :)
    Love the whole outfit.