Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Filling time...

McCalls 5816 is coming along very well.... I hesitate to start the lining for some reason..... so here it is so far....

The brown mod fabric is the interlining and the white collar is the interfacing, neither of them will show once the lining / facing is inserted.

I interlined the body and upper sleeves and lengthened the sleeves to be full length, as it is quite cold here and I wanted this warmer.
I also insered pockets on the front lower princess seam line.

I really like it so far.. which is probably why I am hesitating about the lining... I don't want to mess it up!

So ... instead, I will post pics of the Christmas presents I made for my family!

Camo PJ's for DH ( sweatshirt material outside, fleece inside! warm)

For my handsome son, warm fleece PJ's

For wonderful DIL
For DD1
For DD2

and for DD3

A co-worker in our office is teaching quite a few of us to knit, so I knit and crocheted some gifts as well!

Knitting is fun, but boy is it hard for me!  I did a lot of ripping out and cursing until I became pretty good at 'unknitting'!  But is sure is a lot slower than sewing!  It took me longer to knit my first scarf than it does to make a pair of Jalie jeans!
I hope to find my nerve tomorrow night to start the jacket lining....... Thanks for stopping by!

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