Sunday, November 1, 2009


Ok, I need some advice.  This dress is not finished.  The collar is pinned on.  There is no zipper yet, I pinned it down the back (by myself!) and it is not hemmed.


I keep looking in the mirror and thinking I look like a tree trunk.  I thick tree trunk.  The skirt gathers and poofs out... right where I poof out.  It just draws my eyes to it and that is all I can see.    I am tempted to rip the skirt of and make the fitted one.... (part of my brain says, the fitted one will magnify my waist issues, where this poofy one, well, hides them)



  1. I understand, but only because I am also a woman, and most women think they look not-so-great. Besides, your waist is way smaller than your chest, so you've got me beat there! I think this dress looks great and is very feminine!

  2. I think it looks very nice. What about a bit of a petticoat to give some body to the hemline. The line drawings show some "enthusiasm" with the full skirt.