Sunday, October 25, 2009

Practice cake round 2...

This is my baby just a few years ago.... and now he is getting married.

Here is the happy couple...

On to the cake.....
This time we only made 1 double 10" tier.  This would be the center tier on the actual cake, as well as the size of the groom cake.

What did we do different this time?  After making and cooling the layers, we froze them.  Then using a dowel, made holes in bottom layer before applying the raspberry filling.  This allowed the filling to ooze down into the holes to allow more filling per bite.  yum.  Then we frosted them with buttercream and froze the cake again.  We made the fondant this time, as we were not impressed with the taste of store bought.  We made marshmallow fondant.  Boy, what a chore that was! (mostly for DDA).  The fondant was much easier to apply to the frozen buttercream.  The mm fondant was also much more forgiving than the storebought.  Applied more easily and tears were mendable.  The big test is..... What happens to the fondant as the cake defrosts?  We plan on letting the cake rest til Monday evening and see how the fondant holds up.  A successful test will allow us to make the cakes layers a few days ahead of time, and then apply the fondant up to 2 days prior to the wedding.  Assembly we will save for after the cake is delivered. 
Here are the tired but happy Wedding Cake testers.

Run when you can
Walk when you need
Crawl if you must
Just never give up!

On the running front... after last Sunday's 16 mile run, I had a nagging pain in my left calf and heel.  I think I strained it, too many hills in the 16 mile run.  I iced it all week and took lots of ibuprofen.  Have not run since.  Today I was scheduled for an 18 miler... I think I will do a few and see how it feels and 6 if all is well and then work up to doing the 18 miler next weekend.  Wish me luck!

On the sewing front.... I am finally making the second copy of GAP 1969 RTW jeans that I cut out in July!  I have to apply the waistband and then do all the topstitching and belt loops.  Wash a few times and then hem.  Will post picks when I am done.  Funny thing, when I cut them out, I liked the denim I had chosen, now I look at it and think ... very 70's looking.  Oh well. 


  1. You are a busy woman!! I think the cake looks better now...I need and update on how it looked today?!

  2. 1 day and counting....cake looks the same.... moved it into the Den where it is a bit cooler, the woodstove is really heating up the house.

  3. You guys are doing a wonderful job.

    You could be on Cake Boss :)
    The cakes they make are "amazing".

    Lots of videos :)