Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Just call me the bag lady....

There are so many things I want to sew.... so many patterns waiting in the wings, and my stash just continues to grow... yet ... I sew bags.  I think that there is just so much going on in my life, that in my sewing world I want instant gratification.  Bags do that for me.  (-:   
My son is getting married next month.... My DD and I are making the cake. Our first wedding cake. We will make a few practice cakes between now and then.  So far all we have done is plan and buy all the fixins. 

I have to arrange dinners to meet the two sets of parents on the brides side.... Our own little 'Meet the Fockers'  (-:  and plan the rehearsal dinner. My son  joined the Marines (smile, sniff sniff, worry worry) ... he will be shipping out in Jan or Feb....  I have 2 wonderful daughters who work and go to college and I try to find time to hang out with...oh yeah, and I work full time.  and have a darling husband I try to spend time with... and I am training for a marathon in Jan...  phew am I tired.  So what did I do?  Ran 8 miles.... and Made More Bags.

The first  is a Messenger Bag from a wonderful tutorial written by Larissa @ MMMcrafts. 
The applique is not part of the pattern, so I used hers as an inspiration.  It is from recycled material.  (retired pants and skirt)

This second one is called a Hobo Bag (not sure why) from a tutorial by  I did not follow the tutorial exactly, so my body  and handle is slightly diff, and it has no tab closure. 
The outer fabric, which I love, is a recycled throw pillow cover and the interior is a linen from an retired skirt.  Pocket is lined with nubby silk.

Well now I must sleep.  So goodnight.

Run when you can
Walk when you need
Crawl if you must
Just never give up!

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