Sunday, September 6, 2009

How I spent my End of Summer Vacation

(no longer to be referred to as our Anniversary Vacation - that is still to come)

I found a wrap top at Saver's (used clothing store) that I just loved. It was too small, but at only $1., I figured I could use it as a pattern.

My first muslin, I did out of a quilting cotton, came out pretty nice, but gapped at the chest some. This is the second one I have made. I really like it. I folded the neck edge seam over invisible elastic which I pulled every so lightly while stitching (fixed the gapping issue). This is a very see through woven, and loves to fray. I had to finish all inside seams. I did french seams and some other finish which I don't know the term for. You trim one side of the 5/8" seam allow short, fold the other towards it and then over again and then stitch just inside the orginal seam allowance. Makes for a nice enclosed seam. That is how I finished the armhole seams. The sleeves I morphed from a Vogue T shirt pattern. See through quality insists on a cami. I am thinking black or brown would look nice.
KG's (my body double's) tape has relaxed slightly over the years, so she is a tad larger than me (or I have shrank) so this shirt does not fit me this snugly.

Run when you can
Walk when you need
Crawl if you must

Just never give up



  1. I really like this shirt! very beautiful.

  2. Hi ! Love the fabric and details of your wrap top.