Monday, September 7, 2009

Anniversary Ride

Last night we decided to take a train ride for our Anniversary. The skies had been dumping rain for hours but as we neared the train stop, the rain stopped, the clouds disappeared and a moonlit sky shone above. We were the first to arrive, so we got our pick of train cars. We chose the open air caboose. As the conductor buckled us in our seats, he wished us a very Happy Anniversary. We waited as a few other hopeless romantics chose their seats, and then our ride began. The train whistle was very quiet and distant sounding from the rear of the train, but as we rounded tight curves, we could see the conductor and he would sound the whistle for us. (and maybe for the pig tailed little girl 3 cars ahead of us). As we neared the concert station, we could hear the band and see the people dancing under the stars. We held hands, it was a very romantic ride. Soon we were zipping past the home economics building which displayed the most beautiful hand made quilts and then past the swine and goat pens. Zoom past the ducks, turkeys and geese. We zigged and we zagged around the specators who jumped out of the trains way at the very last moment. We were amazed at the conductors talent at tight turns around ice cream vendors and slow moving strollers. As we neared the end of our ride, we whizzed past the vendor selling funnel cakes and I knew the remainder of our date would be just as sweet.