Sunday, May 3, 2009

Absent but not idle.....

I have not been blogging but I have been busy! I am making my first foray into selling items I have sewn..... There is a local craft bazaar next month. I had make a few purses in the past for myself and received comments about where I had gotten them and if I sold them.... So I decided to give it a whirl! So far I have made a dozen purses of various patterns, 10 zippered pouches, 3 sets of pot holders and half a dozen cupcakes (pincushions). Sewing to sell (or try to sell) is defintely different that sewing for fun. I miss sewing for fun! Every once in a while the thought creeps into my head.... What if I sell nothing??? I have decided to look at it this way, if I sell nothing, then I already have Christmas gifts for this year! The hardest part for me so far, is deciding how to price things. I am such a slow sewer that charging for my time, makes everything so expensive! Does anybody else have a calculation or tip on how to price things for sale?

111.5 miles down
688.5 to go!
Rock On!


  1. Well, I LOVE my bag and my pincushion!!! I would charge 25 or 30 for the bag and 5 or 10 for the pincushion. Do those figures come close to what you were thinking? Is there a profit there after the materials? You're right about charging for your time... I have the same issues when I try to put a price on my jewelery. Love you!

  2. I'll take your 'leftovers' for Christmas any time! Thanks for the is so perfect. I'll be showing it off today. ooxx