Monday, May 25, 2009

Happy Memorial Day!

It is overcast and threatening to rain here, but still a beautiful day. Going to MIL for a BBQ this afternoon, and she always has enough food to feed an army. I decided I needed to make something appropriate for a day of eating. (-:

This is Mcall's 5050. A pullover tunic with short or long sleeves. I made view A. The girl on the pattern envelope looks young, fresh, breezy and slim in her cute little tunic. Something got lost in the making. (-: This tunic on me raises the silent question..... is that a maternity top? But no, GOD NO, it is merely a loose tunic perfect for BBQ over eating! I think this would also make a great bathing suit cover up or cute summer dress if made a little longer. As for the question it raises, let them wonder. ((-:

Rock On!

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Knit tops.... got to love them

I love the ease and instant gratification from knit tops.

I had traced out Butterick 5283 awhile back but did not know what fabric I wanted to use. I found a the perfect knit hiding in my stash. It was a Georgeous Fabrics find a few months back. This close fitting pullover top is another take on the twist front. I made view B with 3/4 length sleeves. The upper portion is self faced, so a bulky knit might not work as well. I think this would be most flattering on a larger chest, but I am still very happy with it.

This was just one of 3 knits tops I made so far this weekend. If I can get pics, I will post the other two.

Rock On!
Edited to add the Vogue 8451 tops I also created this weekend...
Black and white top is V8451 View A with sleeves from B5283 and my own ruffles.
Black and multi flowered top is also V8451 view A.

Rock On!

Saturday, May 16, 2009


Kids can be such a good influence. Ok, so maybe my 'kids' are (gulp) grown ups, but they are still kids to me. My DD has a goal to run a full marathon before she is 25. So she has set as a goal the full PF Chang's Rock and Roll Marathon in January. So I (gulp) decided to do it with her. We have found a 19 week mileage buildup training schedule which we are on week 2 of. After completing the 19 week mileage buildup, the 18 week Marathon training schedule begins. Whew... I am tired already. This is definitely one way to meet my running resolution for 800 miles this year!

Rock On!

Jalie 2908 Round 2

Ok, so I have finished my second pair of Jalie 2908 stretch jeans and I LOVE them! This time I used a heavier denim from JoAnn's. I was prepared for the slim fit through the thigh this time and added an extra 1/4" in on inner and outer during cutout from the bottom of the hip through the knee. I then still only sewed a 1/4" seam allowance in this area. These pictures are after wearing them all day, so they are a bit looser. My only dislike (too strong of a word actually) is the slight bagginess on either side of my front crotch.... I think I took too small of a seam allowance from the zipper bottom to the inner thigh.... either that or my front inner crotch shrank. (-:

Rock On!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Taking a break from purse making....

Sneak peak at my next Jalie 2908 stretch jeans, much heavier stretch denim this time, still only 1/4 seams from bottom of hips to knees, but I am thinking these will be great! Still have lots of top stitching to do, belt loops and the back pockets......

Rock On!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Purses, purses, get your purses here!

I think I am ready to hawk at next month's craft fair. My fingers hurt.

I have made potholders.....

and cupcakes!

Little purses....

and big purses!

And that is just a few..... You can see the rest in 'my creations'

Just a few more to go....

118.5 miles down

681.5 to go!

Rock On!

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Absent but not idle.....

I have not been blogging but I have been busy! I am making my first foray into selling items I have sewn..... There is a local craft bazaar next month. I had make a few purses in the past for myself and received comments about where I had gotten them and if I sold them.... So I decided to give it a whirl! So far I have made a dozen purses of various patterns, 10 zippered pouches, 3 sets of pot holders and half a dozen cupcakes (pincushions). Sewing to sell (or try to sell) is defintely different that sewing for fun. I miss sewing for fun! Every once in a while the thought creeps into my head.... What if I sell nothing??? I have decided to look at it this way, if I sell nothing, then I already have Christmas gifts for this year! The hardest part for me so far, is deciding how to price things. I am such a slow sewer that charging for my time, makes everything so expensive! Does anybody else have a calculation or tip on how to price things for sale?

111.5 miles down
688.5 to go!
Rock On!