Monday, February 9, 2009

My Flirt jeans are done!

My fave jeans, The Flirt by Old Navy are shall we say... shrinking.

I decided to attempt to copy them and make my own Flirt jeans.
Here are My Flirt jeans !!

I think they turned out pretty good! The amount of topstitching on a pair of jeans is unbelievable! I love how the pocket details turned out.

To celebrate... I made cupcakes!!!! This one is for my sister. She just recently started sewing and all sewers need a cupcake! Shh.... don't tell her, it is a surprise!

On a side note..... It still hasn't quit snowing!! Hey Grandma, recognize that adorable hat?


  1. What talent! It must be inherited. ;)

  2. Fantastic job these look GREAT! I am very envious of your abilty to replicate your fave jeans (a bit beyond me I am afraid)!