Saturday, February 28, 2009

I did it again!!

Ok, so it seems as if when I hit on something that works for me, I just do it to death. I made another 'My Flirt' pair of jeans, this time in faded blue denim from JoAnns. They are a copy of my fave RTW, Flirt by Old Navy.

I envisioned a faded comfy looking pair of jeans to knock about in. Now I remember why dark jeans are more flattering than light jeans, but oh well, these are going to be my weekend jeans.

I did some embroidery on the smaller front pockets and the belt loops. I think it gives it a warm hippy feel. I don't mind looking like a warm hippy. (-:

62.2 miles down!

737.8 miles to go!

Rock On!


  1. I think that they are cute! You mught want to go with a dark shirt though since they are light. Love the warm hippie details!!

  2. Nice job on copying those jeans. I really like the embroidery you did on the pockets and belt loops. I never would have thought of that, but I'm glad you did.