Friday, February 6, 2009


I just love Fridays! They are so full of possibility, the whole weekend ahead of you! My sewing dreams / fantasies have no time limit when viewed from Friday night. My sewing mojo came back. I do not even know why it left! A few nights ago, I had the whole evening to myself and had great sewing plans, I was going to whip out my new B5283 top. By the time I had traced out the pattern, I had NO DESIRE to sew it! How does that happen? Luckily it came back. It struck this afternoon while I was at work. I could not wait to get home! While out to breakfast the other day, I was noticing how cute this woman's top was, it was a simple T, but the sleeves ended in these cute ruffles. I thought.... I could so sew that!!! So I did. 2 hours. S4706 view C for the body. B5283 for the sleeves. I made the sleeves half length and then added a 3" ruffle. I used my NEW CP1000 to hem it and to topstitch the neckline and ruffles. I love that thing!! But I really need lots of practice!! I have a really hard time sewing straight with it. I think the top turned out pretty cute.....Now, if my husband would come home..... I could wear it out to dinner!


  1. cute top! I like the ruffles on the sleeves.

  2. Like the top very much, just read your review at PR. I love your post I basically wrote the same thing on Friday AM. I think my sewing Mojo will appear this weekend, I hope so!