Friday, February 20, 2009

Butterick 4914 Maggy London Dress

My daughter saw this material on clearance at JoAnns.

She said, Mom! These colors would look great on you. It is a knit, black and dark olive green fronds. You should make a dress out of it!, she declares.

I said, Are you kidding? That doesn't look like me at all! We debated, she won and I bought the fabric.

This morning I started another B4914 Maggy London dress.

As the morning passed and I could see it coming together, I started to get more enthusiastic. I started wondering what shoes I could wear it with.... (black leather Borns in the pics)

Needless to say, she was right. I love this dress. I am afraid it looks very fallish and here it is mid February! I am NEVER in season!! Here it is front and back.

And a close up of the front, the wrap and pleats give even me a little cleavage!

A Little Black Dress!

I have been wanting to make this Maggy London dress for awhile. I got the perfect fabric, a lovely slinky knit from Gorgeous Fabrics that just demanded to be this dress. I made a sleeveless version, keeping in line with the idea of a little black dress, that and I ran out of fabric before I got to the sleeves! I love the shirred waistline, its' bumps and gathers hide mine!
Other than the gathering for the shirring, I sewed this completely on my new CoverPro 1000. I love that machine!

Of course, now that it is finished, I realize I do NOT have shoes to go with it!!!


  1. There is something just wrong with putting that cake and that dress on the same page. They're both beautiful... don't know if they're compatible.

  2. It's me, mommy....I just posted that last comment, but it wouldn't let me use my password....arrrgh

  3. Britt was right it is a beautiful dress!!