Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Light linen Butterick 5948

It has been so long since I have sewn. I took my time with this simple spring top.  I made 3 muslins. Just trying to get the shoulders right was a trial. Not sure if it is my shoulders or the pattern. I finally ended up using a RTW top that fit me well to help redraw the shoulders/ sleeve heads. 
I changed the neckline, wanted a little interest so that the pale color of the linen did not just blend into my skin.  
Fitting with darts with no breasts was a challenge. I wanted to leave room for what will come, but do not know what size the girls will be yet. 
I love the neckline.  This was such a happy sew for me.  Feels good to be back.   On a non sewing note, I had heard from so many people that your hair grows back a different color and texture after chemo for  a lot of people.  I am not sure what I had imagined, but curly white was not it!  That being said, I am thankful for that white curly fuzz.  Looking forward to eyebrows and eyelashes  😌 Stay happy Keep sewing And if you can't sew