Sunday, June 7, 2015

Vogue 8451 replacement of favorite T.

I Love this T.  It is Vogue 8451 with a much altered sleeve.  I made it in 2009.  I still wear it, but the fabric has seen it's better days, so now it is just a weekend T.
I decided to replace it. 
Vogue 8451, but I used the Sewaholic Renfrew sleeve, as the Vogue sleeve has a ridiculous amount of ease, so I went with something I knew fit the way I liked.
You would think I would have at least thought about large target placement!  But with only 1 yard, I did not have much choice in layout.  I think the resulting starburst on one breast is kind of hilarious, and has not stopped me from wearing it.

This neckline has an actual facing.  I used the facing on the original T shirt, and it layed beautifully and still has never stretched out, so I thought why not give it another go.  So this neckline too is faced.  I interfaced the facing with a light knit fusible.  Once it was attached and understitched, I just serged it of to be the width I wanted and the did a double needle topstitch from the outside.  It does not lay perfectly flat.  I think washing and drying may fix it.  If not, it does not really bother me, so I will enjoy my new shirt anyway!

Stay Happy
Keep Sewing
and if you can't sew
build a shed with your hubby


Saturday, June 6, 2015

Already out.....Woven jacket

Since my TNT jacket pattern was already out on the cutting table, I thought I would give my 'Morris'd' version a try in a woven fabric.  I had a beautiful piece of stretch denim, grey, white and black flowers.  Only a small piece though, so once I determined I could at least cut the fronts and sleeves out of it, I rummaged my stash for something to use for the back and facings.  I found a remnant of black stretch denim!  Perfect.  So here is my version of My Morris'd TNT in a stretch woven.

The fact that the flowers appear to match across the fronts is amazing, I could only fit them on the fabric in one way, each front edge was originally the selvage edge!  I could not match the flower layout on the sleeves, but I like the randomness of it. 

The back, cut on the fold, has 2 darts for shaping.

I did not have enough of the flower fabric to extend the lapels like on my first version.  So these ones fold open much less.  Which means I had to redraw the facings, which you can see below, I didn't quite make them deep enough!  I remedied this by putting buttons on the flaps as they were folded out.  This kind of holds everything together and keeps the minimal facings in place.  Well that and I top stitched the facings down!  I did no front closures, because I like the casualness of it just hanging open.

I lined just the back.  I did this by just making 2 back pieces, one of outer fabric, one of the lining. Once the darts were sewn in both pieces, I serged them together, wrong sides facing, along all edges except the bottom 3" on each side and along the bottom.   Then I just treated them as one piece.  Leaving the bottom and bottom edges open, allowed me to hem the back and the lining separately.   When I cut out the lining, I extended on the side that was cut on the fold by 1", which gave me 2" extra to form a pleat in center back for ease of movement. 


I am loving my new jackets.  Just about everyday in the office involves either a cardigan or a light jacket. 

Stay Happy
Keep Sewing
and if you can't sew
Enjoy some pretty flowers!